© 2018 by Hilda Quick

From Top to Bottom



Installation shots from From Top to Bottom at The Brunswick, Leeds (February 2018), a touring photography exhibition by The Pupil Sphere (pupilsphere.com). The exhibition featured various student and graduate photographers from around the world.

Featured Artists:


Student Curators:                                       

Aaron Leven

Alec Aarons

Arthur Fechoz

Ethan Lo

Gabriela Gleizer

Giuseppe Iannello

Katerina Manoli

Leonardo Magrelli

Liam Bonham

Maciej Czepiel

Ruby Plubar

Ryan Munday

Sandra Singh

Scott Sheffield

Veronica Viacava

Vytaute Trijonyte

Daniel Ainsworth

Michael Savage, Thomas Duffield,

Hilda Quick, Reade Aaron